Hormone Comedy Carlin-like Riff by Berkson at Vegas Hormone Conference Jan 2015 (So funny, move over Seinfeld)

There is so much confusion in all of health care but it’s in your face with hormones. How to test. How to take. When to take. When not to take. Today, some researchers say that estrogen replacement is so heart and vascular protective that replacement is even indicated in in some patients who have even had a history of blood clots.

Most patients on hormone replacement, even in their 90’s (and the docs here gave case report after case report) get off statins, off blood pressure meds, off sleeping pills, hurt less, and not only want to make more love but now have the ability to make more love.

Myself and some hormone docs and pharmacists went out to dinner and swapped hormone controversies. And laughed. And laughed.

One pharmacy owner, a really funny dude, said, “Okay, okay let’s get honest.

“All any guy thinks of is sex. And then he’s gotta make enough money to be able to have it with any women he wants it with. Then he’s got to make more money to afford a bigger house for the kids. Then he’s got to be on hormones to make her feel that it’s worth it to do it.”

OMG. It was Friday night live in Vegas. Reminded me of the Carlin riff on “stuff” but instead it was on “hormones” and “sex”.