We are all aging. The aging segments of society are the fastest growing world-wide. The Brits have now said that sophisticated hormonal replacement treatments (HRT) are a sensible and powerful way to keep us healthy, and to avoid toppling medical care systems. But, HRT needs to be prescribed in ways where the benefits outweigh the risks as much as possible. This makes great sense.

Hormone Replacement is Moving Mainstream Once Again
I think what is exciting is that this report said hormones are helpful, the treatment should be individualized, there is no set time limit, old and young alike can benefit if prescribed wisely, and that women, after hearing the facts, should decide for themselves!

Now, integrative doctors, and interestingly enough, many physicians in Europe, have continued to say and practice like this for years.

And, many of the symptoms we used to think were inevitable with aging (poor sleep, poorer thinking, more vulnerable hearts, lungs and digestive tracts, less energy, smaller muscles, bigger waistlines, old lady voice, and on and on) are helped if not minimized by sensible HRT!

But of course, those of us using bioidentical forms along with protective nutrient and food guidance gain a larger treatment safety profile.
This news is important for you to know.

Key points by British Menopause Society – May 24, 2013

  • The provider should inform the woman of the facts, and the woman should then decide how she wants to proceed. Wow!
  • The program should be individualized (integrative docs have been saying this mantra for years) and the woman should be monitored yearly.
  • HRT is the most effective treatment for hot flashes. If menopausal symptoms persist, the benefits of HRT usually outweigh the risks.
  • Duration of HRT usage should not be subject to arbitrary limits. How long a woman stays on hormones depends on her unique situation!
  • In women younger than 60 years, HRT has a favorable benefit/risk profile.
  • Women with premature ovarian insufficiency (going through menopause at unusually early ages) must be encouraged to use HRT, at least until the age of menopause. (This is crucial as studies following women under the age of 45 without HRT –  from the Mayo Clinic – show they are more prone to fatal heart attacks!)
  • Women older than 60 years should start with lower transdermal dosages.
  • Diet and lifestyle are essential to keeping healthy. Menopause International 2013


Of course, those of us lucky with even more information, are able to get more benefit versus risk than ever.
For example: using hormones in the safest way that mimics mother nature (i.e. giving estriol along with estradiol to boost ER beta which protects hormonal tissues such as breasts), using cycling, with adjunctive nutrient optimization that helps keep hormone metabolism safer (such as DiM, indole-3-carbinol, magnesium, iodine and more), safe yearly monitoring, and all given with the protective activity of bioidentical progesterone replacement which gently polices estrogen and boosts the aging brain and promotes, especially when given orally, the natural production of restorative sleep enhancing metabolites.