Breathing is non-negotiable

Breathing is non-negotiable. You can go without food for a while, or go without drinking fluids for a while, or go without a daily “pooptatutional” for a while, but if you choose to stop breathing… in several minutes you are done.

“What” are you breathing?

Well, “what” are you breathing? That matters, too.

Researchers in the UK have, for the first time, shown that exhaust pollution from diesel engines damages nerves within the lungs. They also identified the “mechanism,” meaning how exactly does pollution Karate chop lung tissue in this nasty way.

Bad news: Diesel exhaust pollution definitely damages lungs through “oxidative stress.” And when we sit in traffic, lounge at restaurants near a freeway, or live in a home close to busy roads, we inhale this stuff.

Good news: If you have enough antioxidants to protect or repair oxidative stress,
damage can be minimized or even repaired. And, car and house filters can reduce recurrent exposure.

Every day people somewhere around us are being given a diagnosis that they now have a permanent lung disorder, like chronic asthma, chronic bronchitis, COPD and others, when all the while they might still be able to heal their lung tissue and get completely well. When hormones, nutrients and digestion are “rebooted” to function more optimally, oxidative stress can be repaired and sick lung cells can now heal. Even when the patient have been told that this wasn’t possible.

The body is designed to heal. Even the lungs. Even if you have been told you now have a chronic disease that you have to learn to live with.

Don’t “own” that without trying to “disown” that.

This is why healthy lung antioxidants are a must.


These anti-oxidants are N-acetylcysteine, glutathione (largest clump of glutathione in body lives in both the liver and lungs), bioflavonoids, vitamin C and the list goes on. Sometimes you need to use a nebulizer, or inhale the essential oils and/or nutrients. Certainly you need to get healthy, generous amounts of these lung protective phytochemicals daily through plant based foods, green drinks and supplements. And, you need to be able to optimally absorb all the nutrients out of that which you swallow!

And of course, top of the list, you have to stop inhaling what is hurting you.

Air filters are a must, especially if you live within a 1/2-mile of a busy freeway. I wrote about this mileage/freeway/asthma link in Hormone Deception, 15 years ago. You can purchase Hormone Deception on Amazon or at It is still an amazingly up-to-date and fully engaging read on pollutant hijacking or our physiologic Internet emailing (signaling) system.

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