Invite Dr. Lindsey Berkson to Speak

Dr. Lindsey Berkson, MA DC DACBN CNS ACN  Best Selling Author & Hormone Scholar


She is an expert in hormones, nutrition, and the environment.

An estrogen scholar at a hormone think tank at Tulane University,  Dr. Berkson teaches:

  • MD’s
  • Pharmacists
  • Functional practitioners
  • Nutritionists
  • and You

She wrote one of the breakthrough books on pollutants and hormones (Hormone Deception), the first book on the mind, gut, nutrition link (Healthy Digestion The Natural Way) and her book on hormones, intimacy, and nutrition (Safe Hormones, Smart Women).

Dr. Berkson Equals Smart Plus Heart

An outrageous entertainer combining heart and smarts!


CONTACT Dr. Berkson at [email protected]