One of the 1st things you can consider with your integrative practitioner is low-dose naltrexone. It’s a super T-cell booster. Helps boost your natural immune system. I am not aware of contraindications, but never say never.

When you first start to take it, it can disrupt your sleep for about a week, and then stops. This does not happen in all folks.

Google low dose naltrexone, LDN.

You can’t take dairy 2 hours before it, it is taken before bed, and it helps with diverse conditions. I have all my inflammatory patients, such as MS or inflammatory bowel diseases like Ulcerative Colitis, use it as part of their larger protocols.

It goes really well with taking large dosages of melatonin at night, too. Not just for sleep but to help squelch inflammation and boost your immune system. But there are diverse ways to take melatonin and a medical nutritionist should be trained in the best way for you.

Metformin also has immune boosting and anti-inflammatory actions that go in sync with this, and it can be taken orally or by cream for those who have gut issues with it. But some herbs also have been shown in randomized trails to work like metformin.

This trio, LDN, melatonin and metformin are a powerful group. They of course can be used with other players, and all protocols must be individualized, but knowledge is power.