I am finishing up my two new books so my mind was in the clouds. Was on the rowing machine and had on amazing tunes and was going a bit over the top. So I extended my knee too much. Got off the rowing machine and felt like a grapefruit was behind my knee in the posterior compartment (hyperextension injury, not too ominous if no symptoms along the side or front of the knew, whew!).
I elevated, iced, did my nutraceutical anti-inflammatory magic, so then it reduced to the size of an orange but remained that way. Drat!

Had it ultra-sounded and yep, had a collection of fluid the size of an orange back there. She tried (my magician PA) to get the fluid out but couldn’t. She wanted to inject with cortisone. Nay!

So we agreed upon sterile Traumeel, vitamin B12 and an injectable form of the natural non-harmful plant steroid—the pitcher plant— called Serapin (you can use this in drops for the gut, or even with epidurals instead of cortisone, it is rather amazing but not known much as it is so inexpensive and natural!)

Within two days of being off that knee, I am now back to 95%.

But while home I had no food!!!!! Yeeeech.

So scrounging, I found green lentils, basmati long grain brown rice, sprouted mung beans, black sesame seeds and a lonely single red onion. I cooked up the grains and beans, sautéed the onion and generous black sesame seeds with a few bits of kale that more sleuthing turned up, along with a dash of white and red wine (which always adds some haunting flavor layers to certain dishes)!

Added cayenne, ground raw garlic, sea salt, organic onion powder, white pepper and a dash of smoked paprika along with generous olive oil once cooked.
OMG, I think this is what healed my knee!

There is a god!