I Love Life

I woke up this morning realizing how much I love my life.

Health, neighbors, amazing friends and colleagues, research and connecting-the-dots, helping patients (incredible people I get to meet), my gym on the Lake, morning coffee, my favorite chair, the new paint on the house, having been around so long I get to connect the-dots-of my own life.

Robust health.

I’m lucky, now.

But it’s been a long journey. I had to fight and over come many illnesses and challenges in the past.

That drug given to my mother while pregnant with me caused many serious health issues in myself and the other millions of daughters born having been exposed in-utero.

But strategic hormones (that I figured out as no one would give hormones to an ex-breast cancer patient), rebooting my microbiome linked to hormone health, exercise and more, helped me hack back my health out of that huge mountainside.

But here I am in my 60’s feeling better, sizzling even, than I ever had in my entire life, and God supported me through it.

I am genuinely grateful this morning:

To be fully alive.

To have so many I love and that love me.

Thank you all.

May you all get to experience the swath of your life from a body and life suit that fits you just fine!