We are MOST of us going to be living longer, but how will we be doing it?

I was driving home from a two-hour work out at the gym yesterday and I saw a sign for an estate sale. So I parked and went in. I saw a very old couple looking very pale, over weight, on the couch, with two walkers parked close by.

I sat down and asked if they were the owners, and what was the reason for the sale, did they mind sharing where they were moving.

They were done with stairs, cooking, walking and taking care of themselves, so they were moving into one bedroom assisted living. I thought they were in their mid 80’s. And then they shared their age.

I needed a walker.
They were not that much older than me!
Here I am living like I am going on for a long time, writing more, buying more furniture, dating, working out, and here they were on the couch, having a hard time getting up.

How we age is so individual.

These people were not movers.

I gently inquired. Had they ever been folks to work out (I was in my gym clothes).
No, no, no they responded, we never took up with those fancy ideas.

Fancy ideas. Moving!

I always take the stairs.
No matter how late my flight.
No matter how rough the trip I just came home from.
I trudge with my computer case down the stairs.

Last week I got back from Carmel at 2 AM.
They put Xmas decorations on the stair banisters and it was difficult to grab them.
But I still forced myself to take the stairs down to the baggage claim.

I may be getting older.
But if I don’t push myself, I’ll get even older. Faster.

I push to keep going. In a sane healthy way.

Never ever ever give up.
Keep moving.