Neurology Summit

The Brain-Gut Connection
And How Your Brain Is Under Attack 24/7

I put together for you, a short list of where you get possible exposures to heavy metals, and some known and unknown symptoms caused by them.

Most doctors are not trained in this information in medical school.

For example, you’ll learn:

  • Wearing silver jewelry with added nickel can be hard on your kidneys.
  • Lead exposure reduces IQ, especially in children.
  • Metal fillings in a pregnant mom can create thyroid and IQ issues in her child as it grows and matures.
  • Copper excess and insufficiency can lead to resistant bone density issues.
  • Arsenic is a huge contributor in increased incidence of Type-2 Diabetes.

This information comes from my book Hormone Deception (McGraw-Hill and Awakened Medicine Press) and the Writer’s Group.