Don’t need to get off the couch, just pop a pill?

Title of one report of this article reads: Exercise in a bottle could become a reality.
This research comes form the University of Sydney. They discovered the first blue print of 1000 molecules that are your body’s reaction to exercise. Now they are looking for meds to turn these molecules on.

Modern medicine is all about patent meds. If a natural supplement can do an equal or better job with less adverse issues, you will probably not hear about. Until it becomes a drug. Or is tagged on to a drug.

Take breast cancer and aromatase inhibitors to block estrogen. They cause a huge increase risk in bone fractures. Twenty five percent of menopausal women who have a hip fracture die from complications. Melatonin acts as an aromatase inhibitor without these serious side effects. But it’s a natural hormone and can’t be patented. They are trying to do studies to combine it with aromatase inhibitors, but you still get the negative side effects. Randomized trials were started to figure out how the human body would react to medications that are molecules the human body has never seen before. So to demand that for natural products costs too much money, so we focus on meds, rather than natural, effective, less dangerous, healthier alternatives. Like exercise.

Now they are considering finding meds that boost exercise.
Of course, that may help folks who are immobilized. But I am sure that the plethora of couch potatoes are breathing a sigh of anticipation.

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