What the heck is chronic fatigue? You wake up un-refreshed, have a fatigue that is so deep it almost hurts so you can’t engage in your life like you used to, you get exhausted from exercise or exertion, and when you stand up your blood pressure doesn’t rise like it should and you feel dizzy and weak (orthostatic hypotension). You may have brain fog (less clear thinking.)

It’s got a new name: Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease, named by the Institute of Medicine.

Old names: One of the early docs I worked with at the Center for Orthomolecular Medicine (1st holistic multi-disciplinary clinic in US), from Incline Village, had the 1st cases and gave the 1st name: CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue ImmunoDeficiency Syndrome). Later it was called myalgic encephalomyelitis, which means “brain and spinal cord inflammation with muscle pain”. Lots of docs now call it M.E./C.F.S.

Many of these cases are actually ADRENAL FATIGUE issues. This was first described by the French Doctor, Emile Sargent in 1898, then Jeffries MD discussed treatment with
replacement with physiologic dosages of man made cortisol, and then Jonathan Wright MD and a chiropractor/naturopath, PhD James Wilson popularized this and put it on the patient map.

But too few docs these days know about it, how to diagnose or treat it, or if it even exists.

It’s a real disease, and is usually treated successfully by physiologic dosages of hydrocortisone (not to be confused with nasty side-effects of prednisone) and supporting
adrenal health for 1-2 years with herbs, diet, improving gut microbiome, etc. It can be healed.

Working at the Tulsa Integrations Health Center I often see folks who could not get off the couch for years, they can be in their 30s or 60s, and with proper care, within months, if not weeks, they feel like they have their lives back.

Don’t suffer.

And there you have it.