Just having to “fit mindfulness in” sound oxymoronic. But like everything else we prioritize, it needs to be done. And why do we want to be mindful?

Mindfulness and meditation care take our brain as well as our other tissues.

Meditation has been shown, by research from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in 2015, even 5 minutes a day, to ward off dementia and make pain a smaller font size. That means, hurt less.

Don’t believe it? In a randomized controlled trail, meditation was found to be more statistically helpful compared to placebo, in measurably achieving pain relief.

(Journal of Neuroscience 11.15)

No time?
No motivation?

At a green light close your eye and INTEND all your molecules to feel more peaceful, happier, and grateful. 10 red lights a day. 10 moments of mindfulness.

When you go to the bathroom. Take a moment to put the sit down, then sit down. And remind yourself of all that is good that you have.Before you fall asleep, when your head hits your pillow, remind yourself of two things that happened that day that were sweet. Sweet gets short shrift in our society, but it’s real and a gentle contribution to your life.

IF you want to BE more mindful, you WILL! But it has to become a habit.