Oxytocin is not just a pregnancy hormone. We have oxytocin receptors throughout our biological real estate. And when oxytocin signals these receptors, a variety of healthy actions take place. One of them is muscle protection.

Where do we get oxytocin? Pregnant moms make it for various supportive actions related to birth. But both men and women secret oxytocin throughout adult life, especially while lovemaking. This is one of Nature’s gifts for a man and woman making love. In return, Mother Nature protects muscle integrity.  (Lovemaking also protects the brain but that’s another story).

Use It or Loose It

Like all other hormones, if you don’t use it, you loose it. As we age, many of us make less oxytocin unless we make love regularly or take oxytocin replacement. (You can replace ANY hormone).

Our muscles are especially flush with oxytocin receptors, small satellite dishes that receive signals from oxytocin. When oxytocin swims into these dishes, it signals various actions that promote muscle health.

Oxytocin has been shown to be critical in muscle maintenance and regeneration.

Oxytocin has actually been shown to slow down the loss of muscle mass related to aging, called sarcopenia.

Oxytocin replacement has been shown in animal and in human studies to make OLD muscles act like NEW.

Oxytocin replacement slows down muscle mass loss typically associated with aging.

You would have to work with a practitioner that understands oxytocin receptor physiology, knows how to write a script for this, and what the best delivery systems are.

But stay tuned, this is one of the anti-aging technologies coming down the road.

Better anti-aging through chemistry.

PS: Oxytocin stimulates many more other receptors throughout the body, not just muscles. It is being shown to help maintain optimal body weight, mood and much more. I have one patient that could not loose weight throughout her life. I got her on a cocktail of oxytocin with two other boosters, and the weight fell off her. She was even able to start to wean down from years of anti-depressants as, in some folks, oxytocin acts as an anti-depressant and happy mood stabilizer.

Knowledge is power.