I am very interested in what she says. In the last several years I have had to let go of a lot of people I truly love who, over time, were acting in very hurtful and harmful ways and would not own up or intend to change. They were not interested in building bridges.
My best dearest anchor of a friend, my therapist best friend Janet that lives in Carmel, you have seen our pics, applauds and mirrors (to me) when she sees I am now drawing healthy boundaries. I’m a heart-oriented person, but no longer a doormat.
I wish for us all to be honest-yet gentle.
But if we are not honest when others are self-centered and not stepping up to the plate, then what good are all these conversations?
Just fluff.
Most people think they are being politically correct and say the right surfacy things to just be nice and supposedly not do harm.
But untruths do harm.
A lot.
Unauthentic and thus ultimately unkind actions create chasms between.
Honesty is necessary. Yet kind honesty.
This, in my humble opinion, builds a bridge to plant flowers on, and enjoy with each other. OM