No matter what professional is sitting in front of you, you cannot give ALL your power away thinking they know everything about what they are recommending to you. Or always have your highest and best interests in mind. And you should just take their advice as gospel and do what they say.

Experts, even medical doctors, are human. Thus… imperfect.

It’s hard to sit across someone in a white jacket who holds your file and prescriptive rights in their hands, and not feel intimidated by often dismissive and discounting advice. Especially, if you have just been diagnosed with a serious issue. Then you are wide open with fear.

Many of us bought into the 1950’s fairy tale of the really caring brilliant physician completely focused on taking care of us.

We can’t hold on to this illusion anymore. Nor can docs.

The new broken medicine is not easy on either side of the desk.

It’s difficult for any practitioner to keep on top of what’s out there. But they still have to tell folks all day long what to do. In often short if not only several minute dollops. They are pressured by the politics of their group to see more patients, make more money and try to avoid mistakes that with this condensed speed and pressure gets harder to do.

So they somewhat understandably get rushed, haughty, and some of them are down right deceptive. If not criminal (read below).

Today, you need strategies to keep you well. Even better if these are set up before you get ill.

It takes a village to keep us well. You need team players that you feel listen, care, and are focused on you, not them.

And this group needs a geek with their finger on the pulse of the dynamically changing information.

This is not easy to achieve. Even with all I know years ago I gave my power away, lost organs that today I could have saved, and my health was threatened.

I don’t want this to happen to you.

I want you to be as powerful and healthy as you can. A planet with more vibrant and congruent people is a safer ball hurling through space.

It starts with being careful.
With not believing every comment.
Or that you need every recommended drug.

It is also majorly helpful to have advocacy. To have a team you can run recommendations by. Or hear alternatives.

If you are too ill and disabled, hopefully you have someone who can nudge some honest support and back-watching your way.

Read this article. Anyone, even a older respectable appearing doctor, might be a wolf inside white clothing.

Love yourself and cherish your “personal power”.

A Chicago based medical doctor, a psychiatrist with an oath to attend to patient’s emotional well being, Michael J. Reinstein, MD, was convicted of accepting payments from industry to give their expensive meds, often to patients that didn’t need it, or were harmed by it.
He got kick backs in the form of consulting fees, entertainment, and all-expense-paid vacations in exchange for prescribing and promoting the brand-name version and then the generic version of the antipsychotic “clozapine” to many thousands of indigent elderly patients in Chicago-area in nursing homes and hospitals.
The elderly are often easy prey.
In the 2000s, the 72-year-old psychiatrist pleaded guilty to being the largest prescriber of “clozapine” to Medicaid recipients in the United States.
He was put in prison for only 9 months.
Those patients will live, or die, with those consequences long after he is free.