Higher blood  levels of a plasticizer, called phthalates, have been linked  with women going through menopause two to 15 years earlier, which puts them at risk of all kinds of health woes from heart disease and diabetes to plain not feeling good or enjoying sex. Phthalates are found in many cosmetics, especially perfumes and nail polish. I went into a major cosmetic store the other day and requested to see some phthalate free perfume and they didn’t have any. But they guided me to their online catalogue, which did. I also use essential oils but sometimes I want some other scents. I especially use organic lipsticks to avoid this chemical but lead often found in most lipstick commercial products. I now buy my nail polish at Whole Foods by the same company I have purchased my mineral organic make up for years and I love it. I try to talk to the nail salons to have them use these products and air filters, to protect themselves as well as their customers. So many of these young women and their offspring are at great risk. Strive to purchase plastic-free cosmetics and pass the good word forward. Menopause 2012