Ram Dass tells us that death is perfectly safe. If you had a book that could inspire comfort and healing during this trying time, this is it. Crossing the Bridge is a FULL COLOR book combining original art with poignant words. It can be read within 15 minutes. yet supplies days and weeks of comfort and healing to make this a more soulful and gentler time for everyone involved.This book is based on a true story. Berkson had a 30-year relationship with a patient who was now dying and terrified. She called Lindsey and asked for help to make this experience more beautiful for her and her husband, family and friends. The patient felt her terror was ruining the last days of her life. Lindsey wrote the first draft of this book and Fedxed it to the family. They read it the first time in 10 minutes and immediately re-read it again. From that moment on, the entire experience became peaceful, soulful, even incredulously wonderful. Crossing the Bridge transforms painful memories into inspiring ones. All families facing the loss of a loved one, all persons facing letting go, should read this short yet effective guide on passing. With more elderly people worldwide, and increasing cases of serious disease, this is a book to gift, share, and give to make suffering hurt less.
  • eBook: 58 page PDF
  • Language: English