• Over 90 nutrition and hormonal protocols for conditions occurring through peri and post menopause. 16 hours of CME. Great for professionals, nutritionists, and avid nutrition junkies, along with 336 original accompanying slides = $249.95 for both audio and slides.
  • First time consultation with Dr. Berkson consists of:

    Up to two-hour intake (most common time is approximately 1.5 hours), review of pertinent labs, in-depth write up of intake notes, impressions, recommendations, Dr. Berkson's thoughts are highlighted in yellow in your write-up notes for you to understand her thinking and comments, and a game plan for possible future testing and healing strategies.

    No testing is included in consultation fee.

    If the initial intake goes over 2-hours then time is billed in 15-minute increments of $65 per 15 minutes.

    First consult takes about 4 hours of Dr. Berkson's personal time focused on YOU.

    • Dr. B brings over 40-years of clinical experience, teaching MDs CEUs for decades, authoring numerous books and hosting years of educational radio shows. YOU get a set of seasoned experienced fresh eyes to look at your problems and explore natural safe and science-based solutions.
    • Dr. Berkson is not a primary care doctor and will gladly work, as a team, with your personal medical providers or help you find practitioners in your area if this is necessary. Dr. B will gladly talk to your doctors for no charge.

    First consult fee = $750

    Non-refundable prepayment to hold your spot $500.00

    First consult is for new patients or old patients that have not been seen for 5 years.

    Test Result visits are one-hour with in-depth notes and step-by-step strategies, sometimes supportive abstracts and recommendations for your own medical providers to consider. $500

    Follow-up one-hour visits: $250

    Follow-up half-hour visits: $165

    Fifteen minutes visits: $65

  • Learn how to keep your breasts safe, clear estrogen out of tissues, move lymph, with a new self-help monthly protocol that includes an emergent topical together with unique foods that create safe chemo-therapeutic substances within breast tissue to keep breast tissue safe.
  • Mentoring

    A $1500.00 offer but for 24-hours, just $1350.00 If you sign up today, within 24-hrs of this Webinar, you get this one-on-one with a thought leader in functional nutrition, and up to 10 emails throughout that month, for only $1350.00!