A $1500.00 offer but for 24-hours, just $1350.00

If you sign up today, within 24-hrs of this Webinar, you get this one-on-one with a thought leader in functional nutrition, and up to 10 emails throughout that month, for only $1350.00!



  • One hour one-on-one working personally with Dr. Berkson going over your patient charts, she will say how she would approach your patient, and why, and you can learn in this “real life” method. You get to ask whatever you want! It’s maximizes your learning curve much better than sitting in a academic setting.
  • One morning per week at your convenience, for four weeks.
  • Learn unique clinical pearls that Berkson has gleaned from years of writing books, teaching CEU courses and being in practice for over 40 Add very unusual but effective tools to your practitioner tool bag.
  • Total price: $250 per hour
  • If you would like access to up to 10 emails that month for more Q & A, this is another $300. Total price is $1500.


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