A combination of motivation to get us through our trying times along with secrets on how to keep our adrenal power healthy and effective at 'watching our backs'. At the same time, an exciting new genre of book that combines FULL COLOR fascinating graphics with encouraging, informative but easy information. Today's life is challenging for all of us. Why is life so overwhelming and scary? Why is it so hard to keep on top of it all? Have your "angst" reduced in font size fast. Be given a healthy perspective on ducks in a row and life in a circle. Gain incentive and insight to see life in a new and friendlier light. Get your questions answered about what it's all about. Learn how healthy adrenals give you 'courage' and energy. Discover the adrenal promoting diet; which foods, nutrients and herbs protect and heal your adrenals - which are, according to Chinese medicine, your 'palace of courage'. Learn the 10 secrets about trying to keep all your ducks in a row. Read, learn and have fun!