Recorded December 14, 2019 

2 methyoxyestradiol (2 MEO) is a final metabolite of estrogen with many healing applications.

In this webinar Dr. Berkson covers everything you’ve wanted to know about the clinical uses of this final metabolite of estrogen along with its many healing applications.

Dr. Berkson has spent years compiling this information from peer-review literature, in clinical practice and she has been taking 2 MEO for 16 years herself.

2 MEO is not well known in medicine. Did you know that 2 MEO can be prescribed or that there are foods that can boost the body’s production of it?

Learn how 2 MEO can be used to treat female health issues like pre-eclampsia, endometriosis, inflammation and even cancer. Dr. Berkson also reviews estrogen’s metabolism and the role of nutrients along with estrogen’s growing job descriptions.

The recorded presentation is approximately one-hour followed by over 30 minutes of Q & A.