Did you know that black rice contains special pigments that kill breast cancer cells?

Having had cancer, my motto is: My remission is my mission! Every day I consume foods that eradicate cancer “stem cells” (the cells that put you at risk of recurrence). Blue and black foods rock, and protect your boobs. PS I am doing a 5-day “Protect Your Boob” challenge and you’ll be notified if you sign up at drlindseyberkson.com for my free newsletter. You will learn how, why and when it launches. I want you to have a gift to give for XMAS to protect the boobs you love. It will give you so much easy but unique info on hormones, it’ll be a mind blower while it’s a breast protector!

You’ll learn some facts like these:

  • Black rice is high in breast protective anthocyanins.​
  • Black rice is anti-inflammatory
  • Black rice binds to R​eceptor X in the liver and helps your liver process your hormones better.
  • Black rice tastes amazing especially with the recipe that I invented inside this free gift.

Dr. Lindsey Berkson