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The Complete Hormone Course for Today’s Toxic World

A complete course on “Everything Hormonal” including nutrition and brain health,
With information that most practitioners don’t (but should) know.

  • Today’s toxic environment is filled with hormone-altering chemicals, so to understand hormones, besides how the work inside your body and with each other, you need to understand their interactions with pollutants, and how to test, treat and live with these new nuances in mind.
  • The human brain is robustly run by sex steroid hormones. Thus a healthy brain is a sexy brain. 
  • This course gives 28+ hours of cutting-edge, scientific peer review information on hormones.
  •  You will learn how hormones act individually, in consort, how they affect our biomes, brain, gut, behavior, fat cell anatomy, and even our ability to connect with each other and benefit from these connections as nature intended. 
  •  You get enrolled, get a password, and can go back and read, learn and review over and over. It’s “evergreen”, meaning it is permanently online for your convenience.
  • It’s a combo of recorded video, power points, PDFs and eBooks.

“Why didn’t they teach all this info to us in med school? Berkson’s new hormone and nutrition information is changing the way I practice. It’s like savoring fine wine. I take my time and go over and over the modules to glean the many clinical pearls. Berkson is now one of my favorite doctors.”
Dr. Claudia Marcel, MD family practice doctor, Tampa, Florida

“Most courses advertise but don’t deliver.This course delivers more than advertised. This is the best course I’ve taken in my 17 years of practicing as an integrative nurse practitioner”.

We are facing an epidemic of hormone altering chemicals!

And it’s threatening your brain, gut and intimacy!

Did you know?

Hormones run our brain. But in today’s toxic world, hormone-altering chemicals are threatening the human brain and much more. Many prestigious institutions, like Harvard, are citing that hormone-altering chemicals are the newest threat to mankind, next to nuclear war and global warming. Hormone-altering chemicals are causing 25% of pregnancies to have complications, causing adverse changes in brain cells that control parenting, and altering neurocognitive and immune systems in both children and adults.

Our toxic environmental soup is damaging hormones from the womb to the tomb. But the field of endocrine disruptors (hormone altering chemicals) is so new, doctors are not taught anything about it in medical schools. Berkson wrote one of the 1st books on endocrine disruption and was a hormone scholar at the think tank of scientists that created this new field, so you get the latest information on hormones and how to keep them well, right from someone with their finger exactly on the pulse of what’s up with today’s hormones.

Your brain is at the top of your physiologic pyramid. But the human brain is under attack, even in children. Evidence of early Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s-like changes are being found in brain tissue of urban kids. Toxic chemicals are creating havoc with genes that regulate the fetal brain and gut inside the womb. Obesity makes brain volumes smaller. Refined sugar reduces blood flow to brain tissue, increasing the risk of type-3 diabetes inside human gray matter. It’s no wonder human emotions are on edge, children have ADHD, impulse control issues and anger, while graciousness, authentic human connection and even intimacy are waning.

Nature designed the human brain to be protected by chemicals released from human closeness. Nature never does anything without a reason. Why would intimacy within a healthy monogamous relationship be more brain protective than even parent-child love? Because nature intended for the hormones of intimacy to be brain protective, and to produce smarter parents who will intelligently care-take the next generation.

Research is showing that hormones depend on a life-long cross talk with the gut microbiome. However, hormone altering chemicals are paralyzing the microbiome. Unhealthy gut bugs from poor food choices to medications, are also harming the ability of your hormones to signal appropriately, even in the face of normal blood, saliva or urine test results.

Hormones are a family that function or dysfunction together. You may keep increasing estrogen replacement because you’re not getting the results you hoped for, when the issue might be other hormones out of balance, like excessive cortisol blocking the estrogen receptors.

Hormones are a complex tapestry depending on diverse factors, much more than only levels tested by any testing method. Hormones depend on nutrients, on the balance of other hormones, on bacterial ratios inside your biomes (your biomes cross-talk with each other), and even on the ability of your gut to digest what you eat. Specific nutrients act like metronomes, controlling the timing and effectiveness of hormone signals.

Hormonal rubber meets the road at the receptors. The ability of the receptor to receive hormone signals is called “receptor functionality”. Learn what makes receptors dysfunctional and what brings them back into balance again.

According to a 2009 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, regular love making within a healthy relationship, statistically reduces the risk the risk of cognitive decline. Yet, Americans are having sex 9 times per year less than the previous decade (according to research in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, March 2017). Many younger adults are less interested in connection. There is an epidemic of hormonal issues historically seen mostly in middle-aged adults. Girls are menstruating earlier and going in to peri- and post- menopause earlier. Young males are experiencing an epidemic of testosterone deficiency. These are canaries in the mine. When milestones of reproduction are changing, when hormones and brain tissue are changing, the human race needs to take protective actions to meet this new challenge of a planet that has become a toxic environment to our main signaling system, our hormones.

For the first time ever, younger generations have more illness and may have shorter life spans than their parents. Kids bond more with screens than faces, they text more than talk (where they can edit and multi-task but not truly connect); all the while releasing less brain protective hormones. More time on social media is linked, in the scientific literature, to significantly higher levels of perceived isolation and depression.

There is an epidemic of young males today with much less testosterone. Testosterone protects the brain from Alzheimer’s disease and even lowers the expression of the Alzheimer vulnerability gene, APOE4. Testosterone protects against cancer and strengthens bones. Bone loss is on the rise in younger American males.

Unfortunately, thanks to looming environmental threats, from toxic chemicals to sociologic high-tech changes, the answer isn’t as simple as just being intimate more often or taking hormone replacement if tested hormones are low.

We must educate ourselves on this issue.

  • Hormones are a much more complex issue than merely testing; and most testing is too inadequate
  • Learn about hormones in light of this new epidemic of hormone altering chemicals and nutrient deficiencies.

The brain of our children, our parents, our patients and ourselves, are at risk.

This course shows you how to reclaim control of our hormones, gut and brain health!

Hi! I’m Dr. Lindsey Berkson

I was a hormone scholar at an estrogen think tank at Tulane University, a pioneer in functional medicine, and a practicing nutritionist since the mid 1970s.

I’m also an integrative nutritional/gastrointestinal endocrine specialist since the early 1980s who specializes in complex cases, high-risk hormonal patients, and severe gastroenterologic cases who are trying to avoid surgery.

In addition, I’m a best-selling author who has written over 21 books with my 22nd (Nutritoinal Gastroenterology, a text book) going to launch in 2018. My many books on hormones have introduced that hormones, nutrients and digestion are all interconnected, and that all three levels must be working optimally for hormonal signaling to be healthy.

My original book, Healthy Digestion the Natural Way, was also one of the first books to highlight the role of the gut in the body, mind, spirit and medicine realms. It has been used by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, the largest training body of integrative MDs reaching 120 countries, to train physicians.

In my book Hormone Deception, I introduced the link between hormone-altering chemicals and earlier menstruation and menopause and children’s brain and behavior issues. But now I realize that there is yet more damage occurring from our toxic chemical soup that we all live in.

Human connection, deep and authentic and brain-protective, is also being harmed. Our kids are also at great risk. I knew I had to create this course so that I could educate more people on the link between the environment, hormones and brain health.

I have been in practice for over 40 years. Many of my colleagues are retiring or passing on. I am passionate about getting this information out to help drive the health legacy of humanity toward a healthier road than it is presently taking. Kids today will live shorter lives than their parents; they are the first generation in many generations to do so. Illnesses that historically were only seen in seniors, are now being seen in kids under their teens. This includes sleep apnea, type-2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and now we have to add to the list; environmental castration.

I hope that you’ll join me in my this exclusive course where you’ll get to spend six weeks learning directly from me via recorded classes on one of the most pressing issues affecting you and your family and your patients.

If intimacy continues to fall by the wayside in relationships, if the tide of our brain is not turned, more will become seriously ill at younger ages. The role of the environment is critical in chronic disease. But the doctors in the clinical trenches have not been trained to consider this or treat it. But now you will.

I worry what our world will become in the next few decades. But if I can teach and share, as knowledge is power, together we can protect one brain at time, and eventually, generations to come.


Dr. Lindsey

The Course Details

The Course: 10 modules (4 are Bonuses of seasoned experts on these topics sharing informative perspectives for you)

Module 1: Introduction to Pleasure, Toxicity & Your Brain

During this module, you’ll learn why nature wants you to have pleasure and human connection and how you can win the battle against today’s toxic assault on your brain, relationship & health.

  • Introduction Video + Power Point to Why You Want A SEXY BRAIN and healthy hormones and how they are under attack
  • What is a hormone eBook PDF
  • Introduction to professor: Dr. Berkson
  • Brain Blog PDF
  • Doing it Less PDF
  • Green Pregnancy Power Point for you to use in practice, for patients, your kids and to share.
  • Bisphenol A and Human Connection PDF Video and Power Point presentation

Module 2: Getting Unconfused About Hormones

During this module, you’ll learn all about hormone personalities (estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, thyroid, adrenal, DHEA, and more) and hormone interactions with each other and nutrients.

  • Getting Unconfused About Hormones Introductory Video & Power Point presentation
  • Adrenal Glands Video + Power Point Presentation • Cortisol Video + Power Point Presentation
  • Estrogen Video + Power Point Presentation • Aromatase Enzymes Video + Power Point Presentation
  • Hormones Need Nutrients Video + Power Point Presentation
  • Pregnenolone Video + Power Point Presentation
  • Progesterone Video + Power Point Presentation
  • Testosterone Video + Power Point Presentation
  • Hormone Check List PDF

Module 3: Hormone Altering Chemicals

During this module, you’ll learn what endocrine disruptors and how they threaten hormones, brain health, gut health and intimacy.

  •  Introduction to Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) and their hormonal & health effect Video + Power Point Presentation
  • Video specific health effects of EDCs Video + Power Point Presentation
  • What to do about EDCs: the FIX Video + Power Point Presentation
  • BPA and autophagy Video + Power Point Presentation
  • BPA and monogamy Video + Power Point Presentation (was also in chapter 1
  • Metal Toxicities PDF
  • EDCs and vitamin D and more pregnancy action steps PDF
  • History of EDCs and how to get these out of your life and home Video + Power Point Presentation
  • Benefits of Semen

Module 4: Oxytocin’s Many Biological Hats

Oxytocin directs birth and lactation, but it turns out to “prime” the newborn’s gut wall and to protect our gut from injury and excessive permeability all through life. Learn cutting-edge protocols of oxytocin for vaginal to gut disorders.

  •  Introduction to Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) and their hormonal & health effect Video + Power Point Presentation
  • Video specific health effects of EDCs Video + Power Point Presentation
  • What to do about EDCs: the FIX Video + Power Point Presentation
  • BPA and autophagy Video + Power Point Presentation
  • BPA and monogamy Video + Power Point Presentation (was also in chapter 1
  • Metal Toxicities PDF
  • EDCs and vitamin D and more pregnancy action steps PDF
  • History of EDCs and how to get these out of your life and home Video + Power Point Presentation
  • Benefits of Semen

Module 5: Brain, Biomes, Genes & Epigenetics

Format: Live class with bonus materials

During this module, you’ll learn why the gut and your hormones are an unappreciated two-some. You’ll learn how to assess gut health and what to do if you don’t have it. You’ll also learn how estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, and cortisol care-take the mothership of your health, your gut.

  •  Introduction to Biomes, Brain, Blood Brain Barrier are all under attack and using hormones, nutrients and lifestyle for protection (and treatments) Video + Power Point Presentation
  • EDCs, EEDs, Epigenetics and Your Brain Video + Power Point Presentation
  • Specific EDCs and your brain, nervous system and genes. Video + Power Point Presentation

Module 6: Hormone Language of Love: Intimacy, Authentic Human Connection, & Brain Health

Berkson takes you on a journey of understanding archival estrogen and testosterone and how the molecules are hard-wired to interact and she deliciously translates this into your relationships and bedroom.

Introduction to the hormone language of love and archival estrogen Video + Power Point Presentation

  • Connection V Video + Power Point Presentation
  • Video on Connection

Plus Extraordinary Set of Four Expert Bonus Lessons!

Module 7 Bonus: Dr. Jack Monaco – OB/GYN turns bioidentical hormone expert.

  • Video: Dr. Jack Monaco – learn what hormones can do and why so few doctors, even hormone doctors, understand hormones or translate their use into clinical practice.

Module 8 Bonus: Dr. Alan Gaby – Top international authority on nutrition in medicine, discusses nutrients that hormones require.

  • Video: The clinical use of vitamin B6, zinc, and magnesium (all critical for hormonal health) and why insufficiencies in them are so rampant today. Clinical pearls of how to use these nutrients in specific clinical conditions, along with a very funny but poignant song on chemicals and minerals that Gaby is famous for.

Module 9 Bonus: Dr. David Brownstein – World authority on thyroid, adrenals, and iodine.

  • Video: The clinical use of vitamin B6, zinc, and magnesium (all critical for hormonal health) and why insufficiencies in them are so rampant today. Clinical pearls of how to use these nutrients in specific clinical conditions, along with a very funny but poignant song on chemicals and minerals that Gaby is famous for.

Module 10 Bonus: Dr. Carol Roberts – A hormone and cannabis medical expert.

  • Video: Dr. Carol Roberts shares how she went from being an ear, nose and throat doctor and surgeon, to becoming a holistic physician that uses bioidentical hormones, nutrition, herbs and cannabis. Dr. Roberts is certified in the application of CBD and THC in practice. She discusses the cannabinoid receptors, their interactions with hormones and the emerging cannabinoid deficiency syndrome.

State-of-the-Art Scientific Trainings

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The Gut and Hormones

How Bisphenol A is Damaging Monogamy


Sexual Anatomy & Orgasms




Adrenal Glands


Thyroid shocker

Semen Benefits

Green Pregnancy for Patients and Families

EDCs and other Health issues

EDCs and Hormone Resistance

Guide to Get EDCs Out of Your Home

Porn: The Big Turn Off

“Dr. Berkson’s mentoring program has been very helpful. Doing one on one teaching and training is always the best. I have learned a lot and it has helped me in my practice. She is a wealth of knowledge and a great educator. I feel fortunate to be able to do this mentoring program.”

Integrative Nurse Practitioner


6 core modules
4 bonus modules by leading experts
Over $12,000 worth of additional training
A BONUS electronic copy of my book, Hormone Deception

Everything included in the course
4 1-hour mentorship sessions via phone at your convenience
5 emails with up to 2 questions per email
Get answers for tough cases


What Our Students are Saying

Dr. Berkson, you’re such a blessing to the world. So much amazing information! And put together in a unique and easy to immediately use way. I want to be you! I wish I had realized earlier in life my love for hormones and all things nutritional. I used to work 100 hours a week at my husband’s busy orthopedic practice. Now I feel so blessed that I was able to manifest this new information and your work into my life. Thanks again.

-Diane Calvo, nurse

I must say that I find your work most rewarding, my practice of Gynecology is at least 50% hormone replacement for both men and women, and I often recommend your books, some actually get them and others will after a few suggestions. I have read safe hormones multiple times and often quote your studies when counseling a new hormone patient. Your new book, SEXY BRAIN, has generated so much attention that patients have asked to take it home, and a few have ordered while at the front desk. I am loving and learning with your new course, SEXY BRAIN – the complete hormone course.

-Dr. Marsha Goren

I discovered you a month ago and I just can’t stop listening to so many things you have so graciously and passionately shared. I have always said no to my alternative Drs. regarding bioidentical hormones through my 70 years but now I am learning with an open mind. A ND/MD that I am seeing now measured my pregnenolone and it was zero. I have been on 50 mg daily since November and feel like it has helped me focus and accomplish things better. Feel my hugs. You are a health warrior beyond the rainbow.

-Lorraine Glyn Lodoriana
-Dr. Marsha Goren

Sexy Brain course is groundbreaking in its ability to teach practitioners about hormones, toxins and the environment. I have taken several continuing education courses about hormones, but none as thorough and thoughtful as this. Dr. Berkson’s knowledge base is like no other practitioner out there today. I am grateful for her mentorship.

-Maria Claps, CHHC, FDN-P

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course begin?
Start at your convenience. Available 24 hours/day everyday.

What technology do I need to access this course?
All courses will be delivered via logging into Thinktific through a browser.

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What sort of certification will I earn?
If you are a health coach or wellness professional (or smart patient) and would like to earn a certification for this course, we are able to offer you a Berkson Health Sexy Brain certification to show that you have learned information that contributes to the assessment, treatment and prevention of neurodegeneration and in-depth hormone and hormone-altering chemicals level 101.

If you are interested in this certification, please send an email to [email protected] after purchase of the course.

For those interested in this certification, you will need to complete a short series of exams throughout the modules.

What is your refund policy?
Because we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, you can request a refund up to 5 days from the start of your course.