Sexy Brain by Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson

Sizzling intimacy and balanced hormones prevent Alzheimer’s, cancer, depression, and divorce.

Just as science is proving that sex is as important for health as veggies and exercise—especially for your brain—your intimacy is under attack. Our toxic outer environments (pollutants) and inner environments (gut health or loss of it) are generating “environmental castration.” We are seeing dysfunctions in younger people that were historically seen in seniors.


Nature wants you to have connection and pleasure. Cuddling to intimacy create chemical changes that keep you more cognitively fit, make love endure, and promote stable families.


Learn exact steps to connect body/mind/spirit with another human being to have the most amazing love, cognition, and relationship you ever thought possible.


Never be lonely again.


Be astounded to learn that the gut is the “mother-ship” not only for physical health, but also for intimacy health. Great “connection” begins in the gut. Your hormones cross-talk with your microbiome (gut microbes) and gut wall (where much of your immune system lives). Unhealthy guts are making unhealthy hormones no matter what your blood, saliva, or urine levels look like.


  • Learn the first-ever, 10-Day, Sex Hormone Receptor Detox.
  • Discover the “Hormone Language of Love” so relationships become immediately less frustrating.
  • Get smart with bigger “O’s” when you understand “Awakened Sex.”
  • This is a book that parents can gift to their kids when they get engaged. It clearly explains, in a respectful and easily understood manner, how and why to have the healthiest intimacy possible, and how great connection is a critical “glue” to keep relationships sticking for the long haul.
  • Know more than your doctor about oxytocin and nutrients that are essential for successful “connection” — the true vitamin C.