One egg per day was not linked to increased risk of poor heart health or stroke. This summary came from 8 articles with 17 reports looking at 3,081,269 person-years and 5,847 incident cases for coronary heart disease, and 4,148,095 person-years and 7,579 incident cases for stroke. Egg yokes are high in health fats that actually are good for making hormones and the skin surrounding all cells called membranes. British Medical Journal 2013

But certain individuals are atypically sensitive to saturated fats, or to the unique proteins found in eggs. So some of us are “sensitive” than others, to egg consumption. In gallbladder disease patients and studies out of the 1950’s, reactive foods contribute to gallbladder syndrome, and eggs were pretty high on this list.

But in general, low egg consumption does not a yucky yolk food make.