Accidents happen, things wear down and break. To fix things we need the proper tools to get the job done. For most, growing older may mean more breakdowns, more going “wrong” with our health and sometimes broken stuff. The more tools you have in your ‘tool box’ means faster & better fixes to achieve “younger longer”.

I am no spring chicken.
Plenty of stuff happens.

In the past few months I have painted my 506-foot garage and hurt my thumb, I re-injured my back and just recently I hurt my toe (the jury is still out on if it is actually broken or not – two docs, two different opinions).

Here is what I pulled out of my tool box:

For my thumb = prolotherapy: first shot a week ago, waiting 3 more weeks for the second. This rejuvenates joints. It’s already 80% better!

For my back = I performed supportive disc and soft tissue exercises after a day of icing along with proteolytic enzymes and a high dose fish oil; about 95% better.

For my toe = icing, avoid weight-bearing for a while (which for me means no dancing and filling my dance card with other invitations) and other tricks like DMSO, vitamin D as well as, using lots of things from arnica to soft tissue pressure points to even nitro bid cream to increase circulation to bring down swelling!

*Toe is still pending – I put on my dance shoes to try to go dancing and couldn’t walk ha!!! So     back to the ice baths!!!! Up with toe healing!

The bigger your “tool box” the better. If you apply these tools right away and regularly the sooner you are on the road again and things are in your rearview mirror.

“Stuff” happens but how many “anti-stuff” tools are your lives accruing?

“Agile thinking” is the real healing deal. Not just some silly repeated forever comments by googling. Or “only” meds. Sometimes meds are great, but rarely are they the ONLY thing to do!

It is not easy living in a human body, but it is better than the alternative!

STOP BEING A VICTIM! Take the reins and drive your destiny, your health and your state-of-mind where you intend to go. Collect effective tools and habits for your own “tool box” and make sure to take them out and use them!

Be well.

Be smart.

Translate science into supportive actions.

Stay smarter and heal faster!


Dr. B