Swami Satchitananda had us really feel/experience the “family unit of the world” (unity ofman) by regarding all male elders as our fathers, really our own personal fathers; and all female elders as our true mothers, all kids as our own and all men near our age, our brothers, and women, our sisters.

No competition or up-man-ship but a perspective of “all in it together,’ a sense of one family moving through, living on, this world.

He gave us so many exercises to “buff” the spiritual muscles of our souls; lift that barge, toke that higher perspective bale and put your spiritual money where your mouth is.

Are we all a family, or not?

Do we work it out or not?

Do we breathe, say our piece to make peace, and give respect to all others?

Do we see life as a spiritual pilgrimage where the path is winding, but that which is difficult can make any relationship or understanding deeper, if one roll’s up their spiritual shirtsleeves and works at it, in tandem, not just self-centered judgment nor blame.

In action, not running for the hills?

Really doing it.

With a smile where a frown might have been a habit.

Is your busy life or distractions so valuable to you, you will shed friends along the way?

Leave others hurting as you move on?

Do you really give without expecting?

Do you know what connection is with yourself and how to actually experience it with others, and do you cherish, water and weed these connections once made?

Do you know what runs your actions and reactivity’s and are “on” it?

Can you laugh where others might yell or go silent?

It was such an honor to live with him for about 4 years and have personal and loving access to his deep and effective wisdoms.