Last night my cul de sac had it’s 7th annual XMAS caroling as a neighborhood and we went with a violinist and cell phone lights to each house and they would open their doors and then get dressed and join us. We ended up next door to just catch up and BE.

Someone turned me on to the UTUBE “the lie we live”, have you seen it? My life has been so full and growing and organic and real that I have made myself into someone who doesn’t fit into regular society. Funny. I am always amazed at this gift and how fragile and fleeting it is. And in our seduction by busyness we seem to shun it.

I had a young patient who was told that STAT, she had to loose her colon next week; that her 15-year battle of gut disease was lost and she had no option but a total colectomy. I had actually met her father on match years ago and we weren’t a match but stayed friends. He called me up. Long story short. She is now healthy, kept her colon and is better than ever and off all those meds. So for XMAS they asked me what I wanted. I said, I want to cook an amazing dinner for all of us. So delicious and healthy it will make your eyes water for joy. And I will teach you how I do what I do as I do it, with some music on, a fire in the fire place, some wine, and just hanging together with nothing else to do but that.

So that’s what I’m doing on XMAS.

Life is so amazing.
And short.
Yet we live so distractedly. We give so much attention and power to details not people, not others, not connection. We say we do, but we don’t. Maybe to one or two people. But most others we don’t see as their lives brush by. And parents are frazzled running around worshiping and scared of their kids who only want more. But it’s not in wanting, that life is found. It’s in Being with what is. Those with the least amount of stuff are consistently found to be the most happy.

These are the real lessons. But we are too busy learning stuff and buying stuff and coveting power.
It’s not that I am a fan of simple more than fascination, but I do know that sinking deeper into ourselves and each other without stuff, is the most delicious meal.

I also know that many of us suffer from silent indigestion.

I wish you the true vitamin C = Connection.