I just went to my first comedic “laughter matters” toast master club and I won the humor of the night award. I was a guest. But they still invited me up and my request, as each person gets a different one, was to sing a song.

So I just suddenly “channeled” Julia Child and sang a vita-mixer song taking a person called Sarah; putting her in the vita-mixer, so I could drink her so I could really, like the Yogis preach, become one with her.

Then I riffed about taking a cooking class on Ayrurvedic herbs in India and meeting this holy man who touched me and then I became well. And when I shared this story with my mother in her kitchen back home, all she could focus on was… “So? Exactly where this this so called Yogi touch you?”

I did the whole thing in a Julia Child voice… singing.
All off the cuff.
Or certainly… “off”.

At the meeting’s end I was surrounded by the club saying what could they offer me so that I wouldn’t refuse to join the club?

I even got asked out!

I guess making a man laugh is right up there with the way to his stomach… or some other anatomical destination.
And of all things, they asked, so what other impersonations do you do?

They thought I had honed this Julie Child voice and mannerism and had it already in my tool kit. Hah!
She just walked into the room… tonight.

After these last several weeks, with so many people dying, in Paris, in other cities, in my own life, it was so very welcome to finally laugh and break the somber ice my face had been frozen in; and feel my neuroplasticity go plastic spastic.

Thank God for humor!

Why so many Jewish comedians?
What else did we have to do while wandering in the desert for 40 years, but perfect our timing?