Dear Friends,

I am writing to you today about Dr. Gaby’s second edition of his book, Nutritional Medicine—by far the best compilation of scientific information on the use of nutrition in medical practices. It has just launched and you will want to have this book in your personal library to serve you and those you love.

Dr. Gaby and I have been friends since 1977 when we were both students doing our first rotation in integrative medicine with Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, the father of bioidentical hormones. Dr. Wright was sure Alan and I were a match made in heaven, so he fixed us up on a date. You may have heard some of the hysterical details in my podcasts. But fast forward over the years and Dr. Gaby and I have been life-long friends, colleagues, and passionate fellow travelers of the functional medicine pathways, dedicated to connecting the dots of nutritional science so that you can have more effective natural answers.

How often do you hear from doctors in regular medical practices that there isn’t much science behind nutrition? That simply isn’t true. Gaby’s book arms you with the scientific facts.

When I had breast cancer 24 years ago, Dr. Gaby sent me a card with a cartoon outline of two breasts and he wrote, “Let me help you help these.” He invited me to come detox with him. I lived on the couch in his home for six weeks. Believe me, if we could stay close friends after that, our connection is solid.

We daily drove back and forth to Dr. Walter Crinnion’s detox center many miles away. (Walter has gone on to make environmental medicine what it is today. We three are all part of the same functional health care tribe.) We sat in hot saunas to get the toxins out of us. My t-shirts, one after another, literally shredded to pieces from the chemicals that poured out in my sweat. As we sat in the sauna, we read through piles of copied scientific articles. Alan and I both are always sleuthing, reading, compiling, and connecting science. We did colonics separated by curtains, sometimes competing as to who could “hold” the solutions longest. It was healthy, it was hard, it was fun. And here I am 24 years later, still cancer free (thank you Alan, Walter, and God).

I am so excited about Alan’s new edition of his book. I am not one to give endorsements lightly, but this book is worth its weight in gold. And it is weighty at 1,453 pages, chock full of life-saving information based on nutrition. It is a must have. Or gift it to that doctor you love who isn’t on the nutritional/functional medicine page yet.

Dr. Gaby has been blessed to lead what he calls “a purpose-driven life.” He spent 35 years gathering the information that ultimately found its way into this comprehensive textbook on the use of dietary modifications, nutritional supplements, and other natural substances for the prevention and treatment of more than 400 health conditions. Nutritional Medicine combines an exhaustive review of the medical literature with Dr. Gaby’s extensive clinical experience; it has been widely acclaimed as the leading textbook in its field.

While written for healthcare practitioners, Nutritional Medicine is also a valuable reference book for educated lay people who are interested in viable alternatives to conventional medicine. It’s for you!

What some heavyweights have to say:

“A landmark, a milestone in the history of 21st century medicine.” –Jonathan V. Wright, M.D.

“This is the single most valuable reference book on natural remedies I’ve ever come across.” –Julian Whitaker, M.D.

“This is the best compilation on nutrition in medical practice ever written, especially by a truly kind, moral, and funny human being, who had the kindness to care about my breasts!” –Dr. D. Lindsey Berkson

 Here is the link to the podcast that we did on this new edition that I am sure you will so enjoy hearing Dr. Gaby himself –

You can also easily read some sample chapters at

I know that you will love all this helpful information.

Happiness your way, from me on a cozy rainy Saturday in Austin, TX.

Dr. Lindsey Berkson