Today’s show is more outside of “traditional” science than usual, but it is an area where more and more research is being done.  Neurosurgeon Dr. Norm Shealy takes this episode from the beginning of classical methods of treating pain, depression, and diseases to atypical but contemporized methods that include energy medicine, nutrition, hormones and even mysticism!

When Dr. Shealy first graduated Duke University School of Medicine, pain management was entirely surgical. If you had back pain you got surgery. However surgery only reduced back pain about 10% of the time. If it failed and you had more pain after the surgery, your life was basically ruined.

So Dr. Shealy added “energy” to the mix. Dr. Shealy did this by substituting “cutting” surgery with implanting electro- spinal signals into the spinal column, which delivered energy signals to effectively reduce pain without major cutting. Dr. Shealy then invented a next generation of the Tens unit (first invented by a chiropractor and then a naturopath but brought to market by the Shealy Tens) to deliver energy signals to also reduce pain.

Dr. Shealy then took “energy medicine” further.  Dr. Shealy founded and ran the only energy-treatment hospital wing, which functioned for 30 years, addressing pain, depression and obesity with energetic-related treatments. This hospital wing and Dr. S’s present clinic have treated over 30,000 patients with natural energy and nutritional answers. These alternative treatments have achieved 85% cure rates, compared to less effectiveness rates for conventional surgical and pharmaceutical interventions.

Dr. Shealy holds 13 medical patents, 312 publications, and has authored 23 books. His first major public book, 90 DAYS TO SELF-HEALTH sold 130,000 copies. In 1966 Dr. Shealy became Chief of Neurosciences at Gundersen Clinic, one of the 10 largest clinics in the United States.

Dr. Shealy forged ahead to take energy medicine further. In this show you will learn about copper, biogenics, clearing past life “thread” and spirituality. Dr. Shealy also founded the non-profit Holos Institutes of Health, Inc., an organization for research and education that focuses on energy, hormones, nutrition and mysticism.

Dr. Shealy has been instrumental in initiating a new path for psychologists. It’s a program called “conscientious psychology” that combines psychology, nutrition and spirituality. Dr. S. has donated 346 acres and millions of dollars to support a university to make this program available to students world-wide.

Other firsts:

  • Shealy discovered four unique techniques for helping the human body make more of the critical hormone, DHEA, without “taking hormone replacement”.
  • Shealy co-founded with Caroline Myss, the American Board for Scientific Medical Intuition. He has moved the “science of medical intuition” forward, and trained notable “medical intuitives” such as the amazing Caroline Myss herself (she helped me greatly when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer). In this show you learn what medical intuition is and who can it help.

Dr. Shealy has appeared on numerous national TV programs, including Oprah, The Tomorrow Show, The Joan Rivers program, Geraldo, Good Morning America, The Today Show, and the Wisdom Channel.

In this show you get to hear a simply astonishing conversation between Dr. Shealy and Dr. Berkson about how we can all learn how to “detach”, “relax” and “heal” often without meds or surgery.

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