Unless you’re Bill Gates you’re just one serious illness away from bankruptcy.

The paradox is that the US has the costliest health system in the world, yet it performs so poorly compared to many other countries.
In today’s episode, Jeff Kanter and Dr. Berkson delve into this growing health care crisis surrounding health insurance. Health insurance is supposed to protect against possible “future risks” —but today’s systems are not offering all Americans adequate protection.

Jeff Kanter is no stranger to politics and concern about regulatory health care and protection of the individual. Mr. Kanter was the campaign manager for Irwin Schiff’s 1996 Libertarian Presidential campaign.

Now, Mr. Kanter is tackling health insurance. In today’s world of medicine, insurance companies have more and more control over how patients get treated. Doctor’s work directly for insurance companies, not for you, their patient. To create a new paradigm, Mr. Kanter co-founded a new company. In Health Excellence Plus, the doctor and patient have direct control. This new paradigm eliminates the insurance company as the middleman, it is an insurance game-changer.

This new form of insurance, called “bottom-up patient-centric” health care, allows Americans to take back control of their health from third-party interference by insurance companies. Why does health care cost so much? Why are many Americans, even if they are insured, at risk of losing everything with a serious diagnosis? Why do health insurance policies —with high deductibles, co-pays, and excessive exclusions—offer little protection during a serious illness? Why are so few talking about this horrific problem for so many Americans?

New options are emerging, especially for younger and healthier Americans. This information does not YET address the growing issues in Medicare-aged Americans, which are being threatened by decreases in coverage and by privatization.

We need answers. And this show offers creative solutions for these serious health concerns. A serial entrepreneur, Mr. Kanter saw an opportunity to put libertarian ideas into action with the inception of the Affordable Care Act. You will be hearing more and more about insurance alternatives, and Mr. Kanter’s company is pioneering this direction.

On this show you will learn:
1. Why is the free market the only solution to our problem?
2. What does a self-pay patient look like?
3. Why do you need to have a strategy when it comes to your health?
4. What is the difference between insurance and medical cost sharing?
5. What direction are doctors going?
6. Which direction is medicine in general going?

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