Why do we get ill? What molecules lurk beneath the surface that act as the “molecules of mass destruction” that put your tissues at risk? If we could identify these molecules, and, if elevated, bring them down to optimal levels, would we reverse disease, pain, and even resistant obesity?

This show takes an in-depth look at two main molecules that help initiate and propel diseases such as heart, kidney, diabetes, obesity and even cognitive decline. Research on these molecules, galectin-3 and TMAO,  comes from respected academic institutions and has been replicated and published in peer review literature.

These molecules are the new terrain of “root cause” medicine, whereby we understand why you are getting ill and how to stop it.

You will learn all about galectin-3. This is a super sticky lectin, like gluten on rhoids. You will also learn about TMAO. This molecule even helps you decide whether a Ketogenic diet is healthy for your body, or not.

If these molecules are elevated, even if your yearly blood work looks normal, you feel tired, wake up with less hope, and your most disciplined dieting efforts don’t work. Learn the new tools of becoming the best version of YOU. 

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