Discrimination Against Women

Today’s show takes a hard look at female ageism. Discrimination against aging women in romance, the market place and the good old USA, is rampant. Nobody makes a big issue that President Trump started up his relationship with Melania when he was 52 and she was 28. But if a woman did that, boy would she and the younger dude get hit with a tonnage of criticism. Women are judged on their looks. Older men want younger women who look better. Corporations want younger female employees that look good, too.

Fact is Fact

Maturing women are the fastest growing demographic in the world, so what are we going to do about this injustice? We fight for the rights of African Americans, Muslims, disabled people, but what about the deep pervasive cultural bias against aging women.

We walk around with “mind bugs” which are prejudices we inherit from how we were raised or that we take on from our culture. But we can do something about clearing these mind bugs out of our heads. It takes awareness and intention. But we have to start clearing the mind bug decks.


When we discriminate against a huge proportion of our human family, our country becomes ill and it’s harder to be healthier for each of us. The health of the family of mankind affects each of our personal health. To put down, to make feel judged and made less than, a huge portion of older people, who in contrast are rich in resources, wisdom and often more patience and compassion, we harm our selves. And we harm and isolate these older women who were our mothers and caretakers and upholders of our early families. Even candid gerontologists are admitting there is excessive  “granny bashing” among doctors behind closed doors against older women. These mind bugs need to stop. Maturing women  themselves need to not buy into being less than. It isn’t easy to buck a societal perceptive addiction.

Dr. B. takes this topic head on. Change always takes tools and Dr. Berkson offers up a bunch.  You are guaranteed to have your mind and heart expanded.

You’ll never think about living longer on third ball from the Sun in the same way again.