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Get Un-Confused About Food with Dr. Robin Miller (#75)


Dr. Robin Miller is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and also trained with Dr. Andrew Weil as an Integrative Medicine Fellow at the University of Arizona. She is currently Medical Director of Triune Integrative Medicine, an integrative medicine clinic in Medford, Oregon. Miller blogs regularly for Sharecare.com, an interactive health and wellness website founded in conjunction with Dr. Mehmet Oz, where she serves as Executive Advisory Board member. Robin is also a medical reporter and regular correspondent for KOBI-5, the NBC affiliate in Southern Oregon as well as a regular guest on the Dr. Oz show. As Americans scramble to jump [...]

Get Un-Confused About Food with Dr. Robin Miller (#75)2019-07-30T08:03:30-05:00

Possibilities, Psychology, and Quantum Physics with Mel Schwartz (#74)


    Possibilities, Psychology & Quantum Physics. Mel Schwartz, author of The Possibility Principal, is a therapist who has practiced for over 20 years. He is an emerging voice in the field of personal transformation. Mel is one of the first practicing psychotherapists to integrate the principles of “quantum physics” into a “psychotherapeutic” approach. Mel is the author of The Art of Intimacy, The Pleasure of Passion, and he blogs for Psychology Today.  He has written over 100 articles, read by more than 1.5 million people. He offers supervisions and trainings to those in the helping professions. This gentle conversation unfolds as Mel [...]

Possibilities, Psychology, and Quantum Physics with Mel Schwartz (#74)2019-07-30T08:04:41-05:00

Motivation. How To Never Give Up with Lisa Tamati! (#72)


    Lisa Tamati is a best selling author of “Running Hot” and “Running To Extremes.” She is all about never giving up and taking yourself to new levels no matter what the odds. Lisa is an ultra marathoner. She runs. Across deserts and up at crazy high heights. Even though she has broken her neck and back and was told she should never run and could never run. She’s an asthmatic with much less lung capacity than you or me. But Lisa doesn’t give up. Never. She shares how she trains her brain to approach her world like this. She [...]

Motivation. How To Never Give Up with Lisa Tamati! (#72)2019-07-30T08:06:39-05:00

Dangerous vs. Safe Ways to Take Nutraceuticals – with Dr. David Brownstein (#71)


    People often believe that just because certain nutrients are healthy, that the more we take the healthier we will be. But this is not necessarily the case. In fact, taking too many supplements, or the wrong combinations or in the wrong timing, can work against your health efforts. For all the money you are spending and the effort you are putting into trying to be healthier, you can actually be making yourself sicker. Taking supplements safely and effectively is a highly misunderstood nutritional art and science. For example, there are acidic vs. alkaline supplements. How you take them, even [...]

Dangerous vs. Safe Ways to Take Nutraceuticals – with Dr. David Brownstein (#71)2019-07-30T08:07:03-05:00

Catherine Hansen MD Gynecologist (#70)


      Dr. Catherine Hansen is a board certified gynecologist with a fellow in intimacy, hormones and menopause. She discusses the most common problem in her practice: that women are globally exhausted and overwhelmed, which seeds diverse disease. She discusses mindfulness in life and how that feeds the body. You can only have with another person (spouse, kids, office mates, friends) that which you have with yourself. If you are on empty inside, all your relationships suffer. With simple 5 minute steps that we discuss you can turn this around. We each have inside ourselves natural pharmacy cornucopia that we [...]

Catherine Hansen MD Gynecologist (#70)2019-07-30T08:07:42-05:00

Get at Your Root Cause To Finally & Fully Get Well (#69)


  There are many good things about medicine, and many things not so good. If you need an emergency room, or a life-saving surgery, or a new hip or your cataracts removed, wow, medicine is miraculous. But if you have a chronic illness like migraines, heart disease, autoimmune diseases like Rheumatoid arthritis or Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatigue, cognitive decline and the list goes on and on, medicine mostly offers you meds and more meds and more meds. And it convinces you of a reality of ‘learned helplessness’— that you have a disease that will never go away and your answer is [...]

Get at Your Root Cause To Finally & Fully Get Well (#69)2019-07-30T08:08:40-05:00

Jack Monaco MD – Confessions of a gynecologist gone hormonal, not postal (#68)


        We think if we have hormonal problems, we sensibly need to see an endocrinologist or gynecologist. But it turns out, today, that not many people, even doctors, get hormones right. Dr. Monaco explains this stunning reality in medicine, in-depth. Very few doctors have been trained in how to assess for hormonal imbalances, how to treat, how long to treat, and to appreciate the emerging broad swath of hormonal protective actions that occur all throughout the human body. Too many doctors practice extremely antiquated medicine, especially in terms of the world of hormone therapies. Hormones are not just [...]

Jack Monaco MD – Confessions of a gynecologist gone hormonal, not postal (#68)2020-02-25T13:04:16-06:00

William Davis MD (#67)


    William Davis MD. Best-Selling Author of Wheat Belly and Undoctored: Why HealthCare Has Failed You And How To Be Smarter Than Your Doctor.  Dr. Davis was one of the first physicians to point out the many potential nasty health effects of wheat and carbs on our waistlines and our hearts. Dr. William R. Davis is a Milwaukee-based American cardiologistknown for his health crusading stance against "modern day wheat”which he labels as "perfect, chronic poison” and also calls it Frankenwheat” – a toxic and addictive substance that makes people want to eat more, binge on junk food, and eventually ruins their cardiovascular systems and lives. [...]

William Davis MD (#67)2019-07-30T08:09:36-05:00

DETOX with Wendy Myers (#65)


    Wendy Myers is known as the “Detox Guru”. In this show we go into detox in step-by-step detail and show how heavy metal toxicity is linked to severe fatigue and hormonal issues, which is why detox is a critical answer for many who are not getting well by typical medical interventions. Wendy is the founder of Liveto110.com and MineralPower.com, which both emphasize toxic metal and mineral-testing protocols with individualized detox and mineral replacement programs to overcome fatigue and reverse diverse illnesses. Wendy recently had Dr. Joseph Mercola on her podcast and is presently treating him with her unique combination [...]

DETOX with Wendy Myers (#65)2019-07-30T08:10:25-05:00

Dr. Daniel Ruan and Hyperparathyroidism (#64)


Dr. Daniel Ruan Surgeon discussing, “One of the Most Undiagnosed Deadly Diseases." Only “fixed” by a 20-minute surgical procedure. It is too often undiagnosed and missed, even by well-intentioned doctors. This disease is primary hyperparathyroidism.Common symptoms of primary hyperparathyroidism are: fatigue, feeling older than your chronological age, chronic heart burn, aches and pains, brain fog, personality changes such as increased irritability, depression, lack of motivation, insomnia and even feeling hopeless. But, it can occur without any symptoms, too.Primary hyperparathyroidism is commonly linked (signs) to bone loss, kidney stones, pancreatitis, irregular heart beats severe esophageal reflux. It’s diagnosed, ideally, by elevated blood [...]

Dr. Daniel Ruan and Hyperparathyroidism (#64)2019-07-30T08:11:05-05:00
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