Functional gastroenterologist Dr. Kenneth Brown, looks at the bigger picture including food and herbs to heal America’s ill guts.

The gut has been called the 2nd brain, the mother ship of our health, the seat of our immune system, and the place where we get our authentic gut instinct—if all is working well. But if your gut is ill, “all” of you can feel miserable. This is difficult to appreciate if you haven’t experienced serious gut issues. But millions have.

  • 60-70 million Americans suffer with gastrointestinal disease
  • 240,000 deaths yearly from severe gastrointestinal disease (this number is similar to the number of breast cancer diagnoses in 2016 and double that of colon cancer)
  • $141 billion dollars was spent in 2004 on gut illness

Health starts in the gut. Many respectable research institutions are proclaiming and demonstrating this. But Americans are having more and more gut issues and worse and worse overall health. We have the first generation of kids who are forecasted to die earlier than their parent’s generation.

Dr. Ken Brown admits that gastroenterology has insufficient tools to meet the demands and disease needs of our increasing ill Americans. That’s why he is the first gut doc, who used to design pharmaceuticals, to now recommend diet, herbs and even CBD oil.

Dr. Ken Brown received his medical degree from the University of Nebraska Medical School, and completed his fellowship in Gastroenterology in San Antonio Texas. He is a board certified gastroenterologist who has been in practice for the past 15 years. His clinical focus has been on inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome.

For the last 10 years Dr. Brown has been conducting clinical research for various pharmacologic companies. During this time, he saw the unmet need for something natural that could help his IBS patients find real relief. After working on the development of Atrantil for over 6 years Atrantil launched in 2015.

Dr. Brown and his research team developed Atrantil with the intent of helping those suffering from the symptoms of IBS which we now know are caused by bacterial overgrowth. Dr. Brown shares how the application of Atrantil has expanded (when combined with diet, other herbs and functional medicine protocols) to include inflammatory bowel disease as well as a bucket list of other serious gut conditions often thought to either have no answers or require life long meds or surgery. Dr. Brown shares that he regularly gets his patients off drugs or into remission, rather rapidly, by these natural means, without meds or surgery.

This is a dynamic, informative and inspiring 1-1/2 hour show.

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