“Home Air” is more critical to your health than community air. So, the “bad” news is: your “home” is where your worse air pollution might lurk. But your “good” news is: since it’s your own home (even if it’s an apartment), you can take action to protect yourself and those you love. But you have to know the problem, how to assess it and what to do about it.

Terry Wright, with an environmental science background and in this business for 35 years, discusses how important home air quality is to keep you well or get your well once you are ill. This includes diverse health issues from infertility to cognition and from dermatologic issues to your child’s academic capabilities.

Unhealthy air in your home can get “seeded” from your attic, a moldy basement, or from dampness hidden under a sink. Unhealthy home air has been linked to infertility, ADHD, brain fog, dementia, severe fatigue, lung issues and more.

We think that the small air filters we buy from the grocery store every several months (ha) protects what we inhale 24/7. But that is not necessarily the case. Nor is purchasing new furnaces with UV light purifiers. The facts surrounding home air quality are not known by many, yet are so vastly influential on our health.

Today, many of us are trying to eat better, work out more and perhaps even sit less. But who knew that the air you breathe while you sleep and hang out at home, is vastly critical to well being. You know I also add to the healthy to-do list… hormonal health. This is because hormones dictate our physiologic Internet system. But air is constant. It’s powerful. And home air quality can often go south and contribute amazingly to your un-wellness. And all this can be unfolding without any awareness on your part or even your doctor’ part.

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An amazingly unique and helpful service, is that Mr. Wright will chat for free for 5 to 10 minutes when you first call (Toll Free #1-800-234-6399). Then you can choose to set up an in-home consult via Skype.

Mr. Wright will look, via Skype, at your attic, under your sinks, and all through your casa. From his rich expertise of what to do to ensure high quality air free of mold, mycotoxins, heavy metals, and toxic dust and on and on, Mr. Wright will discuss his assessment and your options.

The list of what to do to stay well and get-well keeps enlarging. Now you need to add home air quality at the top of that set of to-do bullets.

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