Dush Ramachandran is a business transformation coach who grows companies from $50 to $350 million for everyday folks to have supreme business health and make their dreams come true.

Dush’s podcast the “Entrepreneur Effect” is one of the most watched and respected shows online. It guides solo businesses to success. This show has 400,000 listeners every single month!

Dush is President & CEO of a business, The Net Momentum Corp that helps people launch their products and companies.

In this show, Dush discusses how he helps businesses, books and online courses soar. Everything is moving to the web, okay, maybe not surgery. But a lot.

But this ability for the net to help us soar is this week under attack.

We have been enjoying the “Democratization of Media.” If you wanted to attain media reach even 15 years ago, you would have had to own a T.V. station, a radio station, a newspaper, or a film production company. Today with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Word Press, and Pinterest (and some interesting content), you could easily gain worldwide reach with a large number of followers.

These platforms have leveled the playing field for entrepreneurs.

They can now have an online presence similar to that of multi-billion-dollar corporations, with some effort and very little money. Now that’s exciting!

But this week, “Net Neutrality” is being voted on by the FCC to try to give more business speed and oomph to the larger and richer players, like phone and cable companies. And elbow the little business out.

Dush helps us surf whatever the business “is-ness” is, so we can make supreme business health a reality. Learn how Dush, an ex-VP of Business Development at the largest online marketplace of digital products, Click Bank, now helps regular folks become extraordinary.

And Dush has the background and skills to do it. When Dush was with Click Bank, he helped grow the company’s revenues nearly 500% in five years.

Its one thing to have a dream to invent, create, write or have a voice, but it’s another a whole other world letting the world know about it. And get them to buy it.

Dush helps your dreams become win/wins.

With the FCC wanting to change “net neutrality”, this could change your ability to make your dreams come true.  Call your representatives and let them know your concerns. Today!

Dush gives us sound advice.  

Every entrepreneur needs a plan.  Always start with a plan, even if it is sketched out on a scrap of paper. Dush remembers sketching the plan for a $200 million deal he did for one of my companies on a beer coaster in a pub in Germany. The terms for the sale of one of his companies was written up on a sheet of lined paper and exchanged with the buyers. Simply writing things down can make a plan so much clearer. I’m always telling my Net Momentum clients to write down their plans, no matter how simple they may appear.

With the Baby Boomer generation growing older, the largest generation ever is now settling down and changing our very concept of aging. This generation has participated in incredible wealth creation. More wealth has been created in the last 60 years than in all of history before that time. Opportunities to serve this demographic are huge.

Any idea that gives Boomers greater convenience and control over their lives will be hugely successful.

Dush’s favorite online tool for you to know about: Google Trends.

Google Trends tells us what people are searching for and where searches for each of these terms originate. You can even compare search volumes for two similar terms (e.g., BMW vs. Mercedes) and the impact of a news item on the search. There is nothing that pinpoints our zeitgeist like this tool.

Three people Dush suggests you should follow on Twitter.

Brendon Burchard, because he is one of the most ethical marketers out there.
Guy Kawasaki for his trenchant views on the venture capital industry.
Will Ferrell because he’s one of the funniest comedians of our generation.

When Dush isn’t helping your business, he’s pushing the limits on a motorcycle in the mountains of Colorado.

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