In this episode Dr. Berkson shares stories of cases in which patients lives were improved and changed by looking at their condition with a new set of functional medicine eyes.

You will learn about a rare cause of insomnia, called “nocturnal hypertension.” 

You will be amazed that one cause of idiopathic infertility may be subclinical hypothyroidism, even if your TSH thyroid blood test is still within normal range.

Did you know that sperm count and shape can “say” a lot about a man’s heath, even his risk for metabolic disease?

You will learn about the concept of “hormonal hyper-excreters” and how it can make some folks seem to fail with hormone replacement, when it is not the hormonal therapy that’s the issue.

To learn more you may want to get Dr. Berkson’s Safe Hormones, Smart Women, in book or audio form.

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Book: Dr. Berkson’s Safe Hormones, Smart Women

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