Dr. Walter Crinnion is known as the physician that put environmental medicine on the map. On today’s show we will talk about how your brain may be on fire and how that is linked to ADHD, depression, autoimmune diseases, cognitive diseases, eye diseases and more.

What is the one thing a pregnant mom can do to reduce the risk of her child’s brain on fire (ADHD) and how can you do this yourself in your home?

Barbara Walters had Dr. Crinnion on The View. He’s been a reviewer for the prestigious New England J of Medicine. He trains physicians around the world in how to figure out if chronic illness is due to environmental every day toxicants, what tests to run and what to do about it.

This is chock full of amazing helpful steps as to what are good or bad foods for toxic exposure, the low down on turmeric and the most absorbable kind, and what you can do inside your own home. Bad news: home is where most of the toxicants are. Good news: you can do something about it. This podcast informs you to know what steps to take.

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