Cancer is terrible. If your child is diagnosed you of course want to use all the great guns you can to save them. But these medical miracles are now found to create collateral damage. Down the road, children who were treated with radiation or chemotherapy, have more risk of thyroid problems, thyroid cancer, obesity and even diabetes, than children not exposed to these modalities.

Endocrine abnormalities are actually “common” and become increasingly “prevalent” as survivors of childhood cancer start to age. These are findings from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study.

The point is, now that you know this, while your child is getting treatment and especially afterwards, you could take functional medicine steps to protect against these possible adverse issues.

Knowledge is power.

Survivors exposed to high-risk therapies were:
— 6.6-fold more likely to develop primary hypothyroidism,
— 80% more likely to develop hyperthyroidism,
— 6.3-fold more likely to develop thyroid nodules,
— 9.2-fold more likely to develop thyroid cancer,
— 5.3-fold more likely to have growth hormone deficiency,
— 80% more likely to have obesity, and
90% more likely to develop diabetes, all
compared to survivors not exposed to radiation or chemo.

Women survivors exposed to radiation or chemo for primary ovarian dysfunction had a 6-fold increased risk of developing premature ovarian insufficiency and infertility.

Men survivors exposed to radiation or chemo when young, had gonadal dysfunction with a 11-fold increased need for testosterone replacement, compared with survivors who did not receive high-risk therapies.

Cancer is a conundrum. You have to treat, but now you must protect against side effects of these treatments!

Natural therapies by a specialist who understands interactions while getting therapies, is REALLY the smart way to go. Getting functional nutritional-care while going through cancer care, and afterwards, can help protect against these future possible issues.

If you ask your oncologist you will most likely get the WRONG answer as they do not understand natural therapies. It’s human to be down on what you are not up on, even with cancer.

Keep your kid exceptionally safe by being exceptionally smart and proactive!