After meeting at MindShare in San Diego Dr. Gokani and Dr. Berkson have become close colleagues and friends. Listen and learn fascinating information within the context of live dialogue and sisterhood.

Dr. Gokani believes that chronic pain, especially migraines, as well as debilitating fatigue, manifest from humans becoming out of touch with Mother Earth and normal physical body/mind rhythms.

She works to heal “pain” and “fatigue” by identifying a patient’s unique “disconnect” between their mind, body and humanity from Mother Earth.

Dr. Gokani is the Founder of The Gokani Method: Master your Migraine Pain Program. In this program patients learn the “purpose” of their pain. Once you learn what your pain is trying to tell you, it is easier to let it go. Patients discover how to heal themselves through a deeper appreciation of their mind-body-spirit connection. 

Dr. Gokani recommends specific foods, nutrients, herbs, imagery, meditation, and medications if needed, all explained during in-depth time with each person.

As an award-winning, board certified neurologist, Dr. Gokani combines Western Medicine, Neurology (science of the nerves), with Ayurveda Medicine (Hindu system of medicine) together with transcendental meditation.


Guest Resources & Links

You can watch Dr. Gokani on Dr. Oz. Click HERE 


Books: The Mysterious Mind: How to Use Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science to Heal Your Headaches and Reclaim Your Health

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