In this show you will learn how Google is driving traffic “away” from functional medicine sites, like driving large amounts of cyber traffic away from the famous health advocate site named

Google especially drives traffic away from sites that are anti-vaccine, supportive of alternative cancer care, and discuss alternative medicine treatments.

Thus, natural answers will be harder to find on Google. Try other sites such as – the search engine that will plant a tree for every 100 searches!

This all first began when Monsanto hired Google to help drive traffic in the direction they wanted when Monsanto had their first huge glyphosate court battle (which they lost).

Google’s not only coupled with a big Chemical company; it’s doing the same with Big Pharma.

Google’s parent company Alphabet has launched strategic alliances with major pharmaceutical companies such as Novartis, Sanofi, Otsuka and Pfizer. They state it’s to spur drug development and to make “changes” in health care delivery.

It seems that part of this is trying to minimized the functional medicine space, the major competitor of big chem and pharma companies. They state it’s to protect the public. What do you think?

In American we have personal freedom of rights, but these do not apply to private companies in this realm. They do have the right to do this. But we need to know so we can adjust our efforts to get the solutions we are looking for.

In this show you will also hear updates on:

  • San Francisco and vaping.
  • Nitroglycerin patches for bug and spider bites.
  • Why you should ditch most commercial mouth washes.
  • Why Cornell blames the consistent marriage rate decline on a “lack of economically-attractive men”.
  • The pitfalls of taking too much vitamin D and at what level.
  • How some breast cancer treatments put breast cancer cells into “sleep mode” and what this means about making “remission” your “mission”.
  • Nature’s intention to sync mother and child’s brain waves, what threatens this and how to reinstate mutual brain harmony.

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