The Real Vitamin C – Connection

In the last 4 months I have had more than 7 acquaintances die of cancer. (All younger than me.) I have had three friends get a diagnosis of stage 4 metastatic cancer and another got early stage…

Health is our greatest wealth. Grasp it now, don’t wait to get a diagnosis.

And your life? It’s passing second-by-second. LIVE!

  • Tell folks you love them.
  • Smile as a gift to folks you don’t know.
  • Take a chance you’ve been pondering.
  • Do something today, or two things, that are NOT all about distracted schedules or others.
  • Connect. The real vitamin C. Connection.

In the end it’s all about connection to yourself, a few who with stand the tincture of time, and God.
But don’t let one day blur into another.
Live the life that’s in your face.
Full on!