This exciting and factoid packed show is a true meeting of the minds and hearts of two docs that have spent their lives studying hormones every which way. As you listen you can’t help but hear loud and clear their passion for keeping women around the world safe. In this show, Dr. Felice Gersh tackles mammograms and birth control pills.

Dr. Gersh has a brick and mortar practice in Irvine, California. She writes, is an investigative researcher, forensic expert witness, plus regularly sees patients.

Listen closely as Dr. Gersh explains the pitfalls of mammography and the ups and downs of ultra sound.

While doing the interview Dr. Gersh texted Dr. Berkson, “Are you my long lost cousin, we’re two peas in a pod. Your “voice” is so like mine on science, hormone-altering-chemicals and hormones, I was floored.” 

In this show you will hear explored:

  • Mammograms, the truth about whether they save lives or not.
  • What is ionizing radiation and how it both saves and/or causes cancer.
  • Should women be given “informed consent” forms before getting a mammogram?
  • What are dense breasts? What’s the problem with imaging them?
  • Do digital-mammograms do a better imaging job for dense breasts?
  • What about the dangers of gadolinium contrast?
  • Who should get mammograms and how often?
  • How birth control pills are well-recognized “endocrine disruptors” and women should be required to sign informed consent forms before being put on them. Why? Women need to understand their inherent dangers.
  • The critical rhythms of a woman’s body that keep her healthy and how synthetic hormones disrupt these making women more vulnerable to diverse diseases.
  • How the practice of birth control synthetic hormones borders on malpractice.
  • And more.

You’ll also hear a mention about Sonocine, a new type of video ultra-sound coming down the pike, picking up tumors supposedly before 10 years before mammograms, without ionizing radiation. But we need more studies.

Keep an eye on future podcasts, or sign up for my email to be notified when they are released, because soon inventor and radiologist, Ken Kelley MD will be on this show. Stay tuned.

Guest Resources & Links

Website: Integrative Medical Group of Irvine


Dr. Berkson Links

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