In the fall of 2015 we saw nation wide rallies held by medical students calling for SINGLE PAYER NOW… meaning Medicare-for-ALL.

Hundreds of medical students in 16 states demonstrated in favor of extending Medicare coverage to ALL citizens. No one left behind. They are calling for a single-payer healthcare program for the entire US.

These are Students for a National Health Program, which is an arm of Physicians for a National Health Program.

They say 35,000 American adults died last year that would have been saved if they had health insurance.

In Chicago some students from five local medical schools held a “funeral march” to commemorate the preventable deaths of these uninsured patients.

Did you know this was going on?
Medicine is at a crossroads.
One road for regular health care for acute issues and emergencies.
A second for a new way to address and heal chronic illness through integrative/functional care.
One way insurance reimbursed.
The other, for much more time with highly caring and sophisticated practitioners, much more CASH.