Wow! Broccoli sprouts have now been shown by the American Association for the Advancement of Science to be diabetes fighters and liver shape-shifters!
All my patients know that I try to inspire and share with them how “food is our best medicine”. As well as recommending hormones or nutraceuticals, they are given recipes and sometimes even food right out of my fridge to taste, to inspire and assist them in achieving unstoppable wellness.
Since the 1970’s I’ve grown much of my organic food. Many who see me say, “Boy, you’re so lucky you inherited such healthy genes!” Nope. I inherited junky genes. Rather, it’s been the organic food, the food choices, exercise, a purpose driven life, and lots and lots of elbow grease.
And, it’s also because I’ve been nibbling lots and lots of broccoli sprouts!
High on any list of which foods are the most powerful medicinal tools, are broccoli sprouts. In my next book, Nutritional Gastroenterology, you’ll learn how sprouts are a very specific food probiotic. They have randomized trials demonstrating how they eradicate very hard to kill gut bugs.
But now we learn something new: that the amazing tiny green broccoli sprout does even more!
Broccoli sprouts fight Type 2-Diabetes!
They accomplish this job description because they contain high amounts of “sulforaphane”, a naturally occurring compound found in many cruciferous vegetables, but much higher in broccoli sprouts.
Sulforaphane tamps down glucose production by liver cells. In the presence of sulforaphane rich blood, your liver makes less sugar.
But sulfurophanes do a second blood sugar protective action. Sulfurophanes shift liver gene expression “away” from acting like a mis-behaving pre or outright diabetic liver toward a better- behaving and healthier liver!
In this way, broccoli sprouts are a “liver shape-shifter” that keep you healthier.
Did you know that Johns Hopkins has run over 600 studies on broccoli sprouts. Why? They are a true super food.
People often ask me, what are the best foods to eat? Broccoli sprouts! But too few people even know what they are.
Grow your own. It’s inexpensive, doesn’t take soil, you can do it on your kitchen counter, and then you know they are truly fresh. And amazingly tasty, as is everything home grown.
You can check out run by a cool couple for 30 years with videos and seeds and everything you need to know to get started!
Or buy a tub of broccoli sprouts from a health food store and munch on a bunch at least several times a week.
Info like this is in my new book SEXY BRAIN (did you know great sex starts in a healthy gut).
Food is powerful. Every fork in the road is another opportunity for you to take the high road. On that high healthy road should be some mighty broccoli sprouts!
Best wishes,
Dr. Lindsey Berkson