In this show you will learn about metabolic medicine, functional compounding pharmaceutical medicine, and an upcoming retreat on oxytocin with Dr. Berkson, Dr. Clack and Dr. Barker in Costa Rica in September 2019.

As humans, we are called to find our own space, and then fill it up.

In this retreat these conversations gets you started.

The Costa Rica conference is called Espacio Sin Nombre, (Without a name). 

Meaning, find your own name, find your own purpose, find your own place and may all that be in-syn-ness with life and community.

For a week we will connect with each other on mind, body, spirit and science levels, and boost each other’s oxytocin. 

Oxytocin is the hormone of connection. We will be connecting with each other as well as with the beauty and nature of Costa Rica.

Want to come hang in an intimate beach front time with experts on everything oxytocin by optimizing your oxytocin?

A once in a life time experience to get real, exhale, learn and enjoy!

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