Sophisticated Brains

Since “higher” consciousness seems to come from the ability to have broader, healthier brain connections, here is one of my favorite spices that boosts BOTH brain connectivity and integration. Parsley and its main flavonoid: apigenin.

Apigenin promotes integration and connection between multiple brain cells. And it’s found in this herb you can use in salads, cooking and smoothies. By the way parsley’s flavonoid also balances and protects hormone metabolism. (Why I have been recommending a special parsley green drink for years to appropriate patients.)

Apigenin boosts strong brains. It strengthens memory, learning and focus. It promotes more sophisticatedly brain functioning. It protects against neurodegeneration seen in cognitive decline. Would that be helpful for eye health since the optic nerve is an extension of brain neural tissue? It also keeps estrogen safe!

It’s highest in dried organic parsley. So I use dried parsley often in many dishes and add it to fresh parsley in my recommended beverages.

Apigenin applied to human stem cells makes them become neurons after just 25 days, an effect not seen without this substance. And the neurons formed made stronger and more sophisticated connections amongst themselves.

Apigenin is being looked at to treat mental diseases of disorganization such as schizophrenia, depression, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

D’Or Institute for Research and Education

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