Hormone Deception (paperback book)

Hormone Deception (paperback book)


The 3rd Edition of Hormone Deception – More Timely Than Ever.

How Our Environment (Home, Office, Food, Air and Water) Deceives our Hormones- and How to Protect Yourself and Your Family. In a poetic entertaining voice, learn the truth about plastics, pesticides, and the myriad chemicals we are exposed to daily. Discover what they might be doing to us, our children and their children – and what do to about it. Discover how hormones deliver email in our bodies Internet system and how chemicals in the environment are hijacking this communication in some of us. Hormone Deception delivers the science linking childrens’ brain health, attention disorders, hyperactivity, and over response to stress, to these exposures. Mother’s around the world are saying “what is wrong with our children”. Learn about the environment/breast cancer link and what to do about it, and also the importance of daily detoxification, foods & nutrients.

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This book tells the story of how the outside environment is getting into our inside cellular communication system, how this may affect our health. But this is a breakthrough book that then goes on to explain how to decrease exposure in our homes, foods, showers, offices, and even garages. Learn the top 12 foods you must buy organic, and what organic really means. This book tells the whole story on plastics. With all this jammed packed vital information (464 pages) to keep you and your family safe, this book is an easy and exhilarating read making science come alive. It is not a doomsday message. Get empowered by reading this exceptional piece of detailed, scientifically cited authorship.

About The Author

Dr. Berkson has been well known in the world of integrative medicine, nutrition and health education for years. Due to her own health issues from a drug her mother was given while pregnant with her, and working in a dialysis clinic from co-inventing a drug for diabetes and dialysis patients, Dr. Berkson has seen life from both sides of the table: practitioner and patient, and has dealt with crisis in disease and transition, for decades. She has worked closely with many patients facing death. Lindsey has taught courses on dealing with crisis in health such as at the Omega Institute in Austin, TX. Lindsey has combined haunting lovely original art with words that reach and cradle our hearts instantaneously.

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